1st August 2014 – Daily Running Log


I am a runner who was injured with medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints). After having trouble getting back to running for 9 months I decided it was time to start again. All in all I have only ran for about 4 or 5 months with success but I’ll be breaking that starting today. I will be blogging every day giving you all my training tips and my complete training schedules. I will also write monthly to pull out all the good and bad points of my training, and things I could do better in the following months. Feel free to use my blogs how you will at your own peril.

Sleeping Habits –

Waking time – 09:00
Sleeping time  – 00:30

I slept much better last night. It’s been rather warm in the evenings here in England and we live in a self contained room in a house with communal central heating. For some reason someone in the building needs the heating on daily in the morning and evening even when it’s been a hot day outside. Luckily we don’t pay for heating here. Anyway it rained most of yesterday evening and so it was much cooler.

Nutrition –

Breakfast – Rice pudding and raspberry jam with a handful of oats
Lunch – muffin and slice of bread
Dinner –
Snacks – 2 hotdogs without the bread
Drinks – 1.5 L water
Supplements – 1g calcium, multi vit and min tablet, iodine, krill oil

I have had a really bad day today with food. I’ll go food shopping tomorrow and that will hopefully pick me up again with food. 😉

Sluggish day today. I think my diet may have had a lot to do with it. Still feeling somewhat determined though. Really looking forward to going out running on Tuesday.


Type – Rehab – stretches
Time – 09:30
Distance – NA
Speed – NA
Calories – NA
Weather – NA
Footwear – NA
Terrain – NA
Exertion Level 1-10 (10 being the hardest) – 3
Injuries – NA

Activities Details
First of all I went ahead and did the exercises I have been given by my physio to help with my tibial stress syndrome. These are the videos I was sent to follow. I have been doing this daily for 3 days now but have just emailed my physio to check if I am supposed to do these daily or not.

Heel Walking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwWOZGyE3DQ
Shin splints exercise http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/secret-shin-strengthening-exercise/

Shin splints exercise  http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/three-exercises-for-shin-splints-mtss/
Running Calf Strength and Ankle Drills

Calf strength and ankle drills http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/running-calf-strength-exercise-ankling-drill/


Downward Dog Pose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKx-LPTtvBQ


Shin splints exercise  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crxG22quZus


After doing these I moved onto day 5 of the 30 day free challenge I was recommended to do by my physio also. I must say after only a few days I am already feeling more flexibility in my hips and adductors and my balance is also improving. There’s a hamstring exercise on there that is still difficult for me to do. Seems my hamstrings are rather tight and I struggle lengthening it out in the air while lay on my back.

Sign up for free here. http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/30daychallenge


Events –

Sat 13th September – Parun Cannon Hill Park Birmingham, United Kingdom

Keep an eye on this section where you will see upcoming events and blogs on events that I have already completed.


Thoughts for the day

• Never use white flour for bread and cakes. I got it free but it hurt my tummy!
• We have a holiday booked for 3 weeks in May 2015 on our first anniversary in Turkey. I have started researching for 2016 already but am looking for awesome places in the world to go running. I’m not bothered about events. I’m mainly thinking about areas with beautiful parks or trails.




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