Some Running Goals

OK so I may be injured at the moment and haven’t been running properly for over half a year but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams and goals. Here are some of my many goals I want to aim for as a runner.

  1. Run a Marathon
    I have cycled this distance and walked it in a day. I think mentally I’m there but I have only managed up to half marathon distance so far.
  2.  Run 30 miles
  3.  Run 50 miles
  4.  Run 75 miles
  5.  Run 100 miles
    Most of my inspiration are from ultra marathoners with the likes of Dean Karnazes and Michael Arnstein (The Fruitarian). I can’t think of anything more amazing than being able to run across beautiful lands at this distance.
  6.  Run the Grand Union Canal (137 miles)
    The Grand Union Canal starts almost right outside my door in Birmingham United Kingdom and I’d love to do a 2 or 3 day run along the entire towpaths to London City Centre.
  7.  Run el Camino de Santiago de Compostela (497 miles)
    This is the walk of Santiago. It’s a religious route traditionally from the Pyrenees in France and across the northern regions of Northern Spain to Santiago where he was buried. I was supposed to do this walk several years ago but I missed my flight and my friend who I was meeting at Biarritz ended up going alone as he has no mobile phone and didn’t know what was happening. I’d love to run the distance over 10-14 days.
  8.  Run Western States 100
    This is the run that first inspired me as a new runner to want to become an ultra runner. To run this event you need to qualify for it by doing an other race of 50 miles or 100 miles I believe. I can’t wait to do this event, enjoy the beautiful environment, atmosphere and claim my belt buckle!
  9. Run a 5k sub 20 minutes
    My current best 5k time is 23:16 min:sec
  10. Own a high altitude home for running vacations somewhere overseas away from everything.I’d love to hear some of yours too so I can add to my list. Feel free to steal any of mine.

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