Daily Personal Logs of my Running Training

New Forest

I started my blog only a few days ago thinking that I could write to my hearts content about the one thing I love more than anything else (besides my marriage). It turns out it’s a little harder than that. When it comes to writing things down on your blog you can get a little lost and not know what to say. I try writing and I think to myself “who’s going to read this rubbish?”. There are so many good blogs out there why would anyone want to read what I have written so far?

I’m not giving up on my desire to be a blogger though. I have just decided that I will take another route whereby even if my blog never becomes successful in the eyes of others, I can make it successful to myself and help me become a more successful runner.

After only running 13 months and being injured for about 9 months, I have decided that instead of trying to come back how I have before I’m just going to start all over again. I will start with couch to 5k and work my way all the way up to 100 mile runs.

From this day on I will be writing a daily journal which will include as much info as I can remember for each day of my training. Once a month I will also write an additional blog on  the ups and downs of that month and the things I can change in the future to progress more as a successful runner.

There isn’t much on ultra distance training plans and schedules. Certainly not when it comes to the ins and outs of someones training and so I thought I would start to do this myself.

Readers over time will have access to years worth of daily training covering areas such as;

  • Training distances
  • Training speeds
  • Training Surfaces
  • Speed training
  • Nutrition
  • Sleeping habits
  • Stress factors
  • Races
  • Footwear
  • Injuries
  • Accessories
  • Literature

Please be aware that these posts are real life. I wont leave out all the times I mess up my diet or exercise plans. I wont leave out the times I do not follow my plans correctly. I want to give 100% true honest information on the training I do this day forth to take me from being injured all the time not running, to running 100 mile events! Everyone is free to take whatever they wish from my blog and put it into practice for themselves. Some of what I use will be from gathered research I have done myself and I will try to remember to always link where I got the information from. Some of the work will be my own. Some will work and some will not. I do not take any responsibility for any damage done to those who follow parts of my routines and end up injured or hurt in any way as is the case so far… I’m constantly injured. So it may be wise this early on to see how my training is going in a few months time.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my posts and get a lot of helpful stuff from it. Either way…..




2 thoughts on “Daily Personal Logs of my Running Training

    • Hi Lisa,

      After MRI and assessment it’s supposedly Medial Tibia Stress Syndrome. I am sure it was on the verge of becoming a stress fracture because even after 3 months solid off it kept coming back.

      I have also had problems with what I believe to be extensor tendonitis on the top of right foot, plantar, runners knee and aching glutes.

      I believe I kept coming back to heavily too soon and am more sure now with the expert help from physio etc that I’ll come back much better this time around.

      Thanks for your post.


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