My first physio appointment

So as you know I keep getting to run a few days to 2 weeks max at a time before getting injured again. So the other week I decided to go and do my first half marathon at Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon. This course runs from Wolverhampton to Birmingham City Centre UK along the canal towpaths. It was raining as I set off and within 5 minutes the rain stopped and it was glorious for the rest of the day.

I’d only had 2 weeks training with a max long run of 5 miles at 10 mins per mile. So I was really happy when I did the race in 1 hour 52 mins and 20 seconds. Of course shortly after this run I was injured again. Obviously too much too soon I think.

I have this problem where I try to go by how I feel when running. At the time I feel fantastic so I don’t think anything is wrong. Then the next day I’ll wake it loads of pain.

Since the NHS where about as much use as a wet flannel I decided to go and see a private physio. I went to at the Birmingham University where I saw Anna Curnow a physiotherapist there.
I didn’t know what to expect at the time so I brought with me my old sneakers to see the wearing on the bottom of the soles and brought my hospital documents.

Anna got me to do a range of different stretches and balances to assess any problems. She mentioned that my right ankle had almost no mobility in it and that 2 glute strength exercises she asked me to do where felt in my thigh and lower back.

Overall she said I had no majorly bad mechanics and recommended I don’t run for the time being and focus of some rehab exercises which she emailed to me a few days later. These include a range of calf and shin exercises like stretches and drills.

Our next meeting is 18th August 2014. I think she will be getting me on the treadmill then to see how my form is while running. I’m hoping between now and then I can build some extra strength and that it won’t be long to come back to running properly.


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