A year as a runner

Hi everyone lets get all the cliche bits out of the way first and then I’ll get on with my blog. My names Scott or Scotty, I’m 26 years old and I am a runner. I started running about the end of May 2013. At the time I was heavy into the gym and muscle building. I had built my weight from just 130 lbs to 182 lbs mainly of muscle.

 Excuse the mess we had just about had enough
of this place back then.

I was eating around 4 500 – 5 000 calories a day to build and noticed I was started to get a little bit of a tummy. I had decided that I would run a few times a week to help with this. Back then I couldn’t understand why anyone would run outside when the treadmills are at the gyms where you can watch TV while running.

As most of you will know as runners I started off by running really slowly yet still probably too fast for my level of fitness. I ran a couple of minutes at a time before being extremely out of breath. This went on for a while as I built up to running half an hour with about 3 or 4 breaks. Once I got to about this point we had to move in with family as money was getting really tight where we were living and needed a fresh start.

Where we moved there weren’t really many gyms and not knowing how long we would be there for we didn’t bother. I did do  a little body building but the weights at my families home weren’t enough to make any gains. I began to focus on running more.

I would run along trail paths alongside a railway by my families house. I still remember that first day when I managed to do the whole route without having to stop once! I remember coming home and telling everyone with the biggest smile on my face… and I began to fall in love with running! I started to take more interest in running and thought about how better it felt to be able to run without having to stop. This felt much better than being able to lift a heavy weight!

I became obsessed with running very quickly. I had gait analysis done and got new sneaks. I read many running books, started buying new running clothes and novelty items and booked a half marathon at Rivington Pike UK. Which I missed for injuries. I built my miles and learned there was so much more to running than I could ever have thought possible before.

When we moved about 5-6 weeks late from Manchester to Birmingham I carried on running whenever I could. I built up my weekly miles to about 35-40 miles through to about September 2013 and kept at this rate until October 2013.

In October 2013 I took on a shop 10.5 miles away from my home. Then I decided I would run home from work almost on a daily basis. I took my weekly mileage from about 40 to about 75-80 overnight. This is when the problems began.

Since the problems began I have still not got back into running properly. I have tried to come back many times without any success.

I have missed out on 5 out of the 6 races that I have registered on and since October have only managed a max of about 2 weeks worth of training before having to stop altogether again due to pain and injury.

In December I got a chance to see a doctor about my problems. He referred me for an Xray with a suspected Tibial Stress Fracture on my right leg. Surprise surprise nothing showed up on the Xray as is often the case. I was then sent in for an MRI scan at the hospital about 6 weeks later on 3rd February 2014 here were the results

MRI Lower leg Rt :

A marker has been placed at site of interest. x to this, there is a hyperintense line in the medial posterior tibia inkeeping with a longitudinal cortical stress fracture. There is associated oedema over approx 15cm. There are similar changes to the bone marrow of the left, but no axials has been performed through this region.

Osteopenic lacuna are also demonstrated.
Normal musculature.

Conclusion: Features of medial tibial stress syndrome.”

The hospital then booked me in to see an NHS physio in which I went to attend but they text me a date in which the physio doesn’t even work there! I then waited to hear about a new appointment but it never came.

I gave up with them a few times because my injury seemed to get better, then I’d try to go out running again and get inured. This happened many times until I gave in and went to see the doctor again at the end of June 2014.

He called the hospital to book me in to see someone who told him I never turned up to my appointment and would need a new referral and a new MRI scan and assessment. My doctor demanded that it was the same problem and that they are wasting money in doing this. They eventually agreed to book me in and said they would write to me.

Almost a month later I was still waiting so went for private physio instead. I am now working with them to get me back up running for longer than 2 weeks.

Besides my main problem with my shins and tibia I have suffered this last year with extreme pain on the bottom of my feet while trying to stand, a pain on the top of my right foot which I believe was extensor tendonitis, runners knee, a sore ass, tight calves and throbbing shins. Oh and MASSIVE withdrawal symptoms from not being able to run.

I think many people would of given up running by now as a runner who started a year ago and only managed a few months running so far. As many of you will know when you fall in love with running, it grabs your heart. It becomes an addiction that wont go away. No matter how many times it pushes you down you keep trying and will continue to keep fighting until you get where you want to be.

I’ll be writing about how my rehab goes with my physio in the coming months and how I return to running. At my peak I was running 16 miles and now I can’t run 2. My goal is run ultras and I have a long way to go. I hope to share my journey with you and would love to hear from you about your stories. Why you love to run, if you have ever been injured and how you returned.

Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon 2014
Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon
My first race I was so happy but am now injured again.
1:52:20 hr:min:sec


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