30 Day Free Challenge to Transform Your Running

Hey everyone. When I went to see my physio the other day she advised me of a website that gives really good advice. She said the main reason being that they are not being funded by big companies. This advice may not fit all as she stated. She said that no one method is right for everyone as everyone is different. People have different sneaks, styles, forms etc and do really well where others doing the same thing would surely be injured all the time.

Anyway as part of my rehab she also recommended that they have a 30 day free challenge that will really help you train stronger. I have signed up to this and have just completed day 2. As you can see below these are the areas it covers. I’m looking forward to seeing what the results are from this. Feel free to join in. I’d love to hear if it works for you too.

STAGE 1: Basic Mobility & Balance Training

STAGE 2: Basic Strength & Core Training

STAGE 3: Intermediate Mobility & Plyometric Training

STAGE 4: Resistance Band Training

STAGE 5: Running Technique Drills



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